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Privacy Policy

"I don't want your data!"

Our Founder is adamant, in this day and age where everyone wants you to sign up for their newsletter, download their app or join their loyalty program so they can track your every movement, he is not interested. We will never, ever sell, share or even keep your data on file unless absolutely necessary for some legal reason. It will take a court order to get any of your data that we must keep out of our hands and into someone else's.

His lovely wife thinks he is doddering old man, and happily has everyone in the world tracking her every action, but he insists we will have nothing to do with big data or data collection. He absolutely detests that we are tracked constantly and refuses to add to the problem.

Your data is safe with us, we will immediately delete it the moment we have no legal obligation to keep it anymore, or we might lose our jobs...

If you still aren't satisfied, contact us, we would be happy to explain the steps we take to make sure we do not hold on to your data or share it with others.

For amazing customers from the EU we are compliant with the GDPR, and for those coming to us from the beautiful state of California we are also compliant with the CCPA. We have enabled Shopify's internal compliance program for both jurisdictions.