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Our Purpose

What defines us as a company?

Passion - our burning desire is to make the world a better place by preserving whats left of nature for future generations.

Feel Good - we want every aspect of our business to make you feel good about your purchase.

Sustainable - it is our goal to start responsibly and our promise to always put the planet first.

Who wants another cheap branded calendar or mug?

Stylish and Original - our goal is to give you stylish, original designs you just have to have never mind all the good we do, leaving the concept of useless trinkets for donations in the past.

Quality - we commit to bringing you the highest quality pieces that will stand the test of time, made from the highest grade sustainable materials available on the planet.

Indulge - without guilt.

We are committed to:

Change - we want to turn the for profit business model and charity funding on their heads through the spirit of planet first philanthropic entrepreneurship.

Collaboration - saving the planet has to be a team effort, we actively seek out collaborations with other designers to work on collections together.

Opportunity - we want to inspire other fashion houses and give them an opportunity to be socially responsible by collaborating with us.

Our Mission:

We have created a business whose sole purpose is to fund endangered species preservation, children's charities, and other planet saving initiatives by providing high quality products the world wants, competing directly in the for profit marketplace on the merit of our products, not the merit of our mission.

Our mission is the icing on the cake.