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Affiliate/Influencer Program

Do you enjoy selling quality products online? Are you a social media superstar?

Primal needs you to spread the good word about our products!

Get PAID while helping charity! What could be better than that?

Contact us about our very aggressive affiliate marketing program. We PAY you to help charity by selling our products and telling our story.

It is a very easy story to sell, and it associates you with helping the world. Your reputation will get a big boost while helping charity and making money.

Attention Influencers, Bloggers, and Social Media Superstars

We offer a high retail commission rate.

Maybe you have already turned your following into an income stream through sponsored product posts, maybe you have been thinking about it and are just getting started. Send us your profile, we would be happy to work with any fashionista or fashion idol established or on your way to stardom who has the same values as us. Put the power of your followers to work helping us fund fixing the worlds problems, supporting wildlife conservation, earth saving initiatives and other worthy causes that help the planet, humanity and those who can't help themselves.

All you need is a promo code from us giving your followers a discount and you are on your way to making money and funding charity. Every sale made with your promo code makes you a commission.

Contact us at nathan@primalacc.org with links to your online profiles and we will be in touch within 24 hours or less.

Attention Sales Professionals!

We offer a great commission rate and...

Lifetime commission rate on wholesale sales! That's right LIFETIME. You set us up with a wholesale client, and we will pay your commission rate every time they re-purchase, no matter how big the order, or how long its been since you set them up.

Everyone these days talks about residual income, well here it is. Have connections in the fashion industry? Out of work salesperson due to COVID? Contact us for straight commission sales work, when you get your next full time job, keep collecting your commission checks, heck keep selling on the side and grow your commission base / residual income for a second income stream.

And... did we mention you help fund fantastic charities at the same time? How good is that?!

Contact us at nathan@primalacc.org for marketing materials and our commission rates.