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Accessible. Always.

Frustrated with the way companies treat their customers these day? Automated systems that waste your time with dozens of prompts leading to hangups, no phone number at all, email limited to a contact form, and the way to contact a live person almost impossible to find sound familiar?
We share your frustration and guarantee you will not be treated this way at Primal.
We hope you love your products, our message and want to learn more, or join our team of independent salespeople. However, if you have a problem or constructive feedback we want to hear it. We NEED to hear it, the only way we can improve is if we hear from you.
Our contact details will never be hidden from you. You can reach us directly at:
+66 (0) 97 308 1019
email our founder directly at nathan@primalacc.org
You can also reach out to us through the chat button here on our site which connects directly to our WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger accounts. We are also happy to get your feedback through any of our social media accounts. You can find us on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and LinkedIn.
Our founder also invites you to follow or message him personally on LinkedIn here.
Email and messaging does reduce our costs, which means more money to our amazing charities, if it isn't urgent we would appreciate a message, and we may be able to respond faster. We apologize in advance if you call and get voicemail, but a live person WILL call you back.