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MSA Transparency

Modern Slavery is REAL, and growing at an alarming rate.

Your $10 t-shirt comes at a devastating price. Next time you opt for cheap over quality, think again about where that cheap product is coming from and who is paying the price for you to own it. The photo above looks like it is from ages ago, but this was taken right in our home city of Bangkok in 2011!

MSA Statement

While our small company is nowhere near the size that requires such a statement, we are founded on the principles of making the world a better place. We are fully committed from day one to ensuring our supply chains are ethical and environmentally friendly.

As a tier two supplier, we have only one tier of supplier to vet, we have taken every precaution we can in soliciting and developing excellent working relationships with our manufacturers. While COVID has made site visits to the factories impossible for the time being, visiting each of our suppliers is high on priority list as soon as this pandemic is behind us.

We wish to shape a vibrant community around our products and the charitable work we fund, building trust and integrity in our company. We want to create an environment where people and our business flourish. Our policy is to assess and address anti-modern slavery laws in our own business, and we expect organizations with whom we do business also to adopt and enforce policies to comply with the legislation.

Collaboration and cooperation are the heart of achieving this with our people, suppliers and all of society.

Every one of us has a responsibility to end modern slavery, and we take it very seriously here at Primal.

Wear our products with pride.


Nathan Wood

Founder & Managing Director of Primal Accessories