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Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary

The story of BLES and its founder Kathryn Connor is as tragic as it is utterly heart warming and amazing. A young volunteer from Britain comes to Thailand 17 years ago and falls in love with a dying baby elephant. She exhausts every personal resource she has and raises funds trying to save him. Staying by his side for 14 months in the end Boon Lott (survivor) finally succumbed, Kathryn stayed on in Thailand to protect other elephants. A young woman, a tear jerking encounter and now a life dedicated to saving the magnificent elephants we have left. Through personal tragedy, hardship and travail the amazing Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary provides a one of a kind and much needed sanctuary where elephants can just be elephants.

We sincerely hope you love our products on their own merits, but if not, love them for what they do.

Kathryn is a real life wildlife hero, the world needs many more like her.

You can also donate to directly to Kathryn's amazing life work here.



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